I was born in a beautiful, warm and sunny tropical country called The Seychelles situated in the middle of Indian Ocean, living with my Mother and Stepdad.

My interest in art started at a very young age. When I knew what papers were and how to hold a pen but found out that it was not as fun as grabbing brightly coloured, PERMANENT markers and marking lines on freshly painted, WHITE walls and quickly vanishing from sight once I heard my Mum’s footsteps just around the corner.

Moving to England

In 2004 (aged 4), As a family we decided to move to England in the search for a better life as things were getting a bit difficult in Seychelles, in terms of politics and mismanagement which resulted in constant shortages of essential commodities.

For over a year we lived in Crawley, West Sussex, because we were closer to family members.  During that period, I went to the normal education system and started in Reception.  I made a few acquaintances and few friends who were either from Seychelles, Mauritius or England. I did have some rough times at that school. I remember for a long time I was scared to hang out with my friends in the playground because there would always be those 2 young girls who used to follow me around to take away from me the equipment I was playing with and even threatened me.

After a year, the situation in Crawley changed.  Violence became a norm between the English and immigrants as the English people at that time were anti foreigners moving in to live.

Therefore mum thought it would better if we moved to a different city in England, hence our move to Exeter, Devon until now.

I continued in Reception in Exeter which followed to Primary, High Schools and eventually Exeter College.

Despite being exposed to other subjects, my main interest was always in art which subject made my heart fluttered and gave me a relaxing feeling whenever the subject came up.

My teachers recognised this interest and often gave me high marks on my art homework’s or projects. A lot of people in the school knew me because of my art works which were permanently displaced on the school wall as ‘Bev’s Art Works’.

Other than that achievement, I was not really happy. I got bullied a lot and I did not have any close friends.

After spending 6 years in Primary School, I moved into High School with high expectations that I would finally be happy and the bullying would stop, but I was mistaken.

I discovered that in my High School, to fit in the cycle of friends you had to be popular which did not match my extreme shyness and uneasiness at socialising.  Not many people understood what I was going through and often misjudged me as being unfriendly.

I eventually made a few friends but they proved to be not trust-worthy and controlling.

Many interventions by my mum resulted in me getting professional support to manage my day-to-day school activities but it was hard to get by.

Again, in the High School, people knew me through my art.  In my art/ photography class a lot of people approached me for inspiration for their own work.

I finished high school with manageable grades, and I was not surprised in view of all the problems I was going through although I was determined to achieve greater.

However, those grades later on gave me an opening into Exeter College. I was studying Art Diploma UAL, Level 3, in 2016.

After a few months of studying the subject of my dreams, I found that my health would not permit me to continue despite the atmosphere being friendlier with a supportive tutor, my mental and physical states were at risk and I needed a break.  That decision did not come easy.

My tutor was upset as he said “You have the potential of getting a Distinction if you finish this year. You also put a lot of impacts on other students’ works as they are inspired by your work’.  I was sad but found the situation to be untenable.

So, I stayed at home. After patiently waiting for a year to be recovered from anxiety and depression. I wanted to make a difference to my life by making money from doing something I enjoy doing.

My art careers

I have been working part-time in Exeter Respect Festival, which is one of the largest festivals in Exeter, celebrating equality and diversity.  My contribution would be mainly about art, coming up with creative ideas through small events organised.

I also helped with crafts activities for Devon United Women organisation, celebrating women equality. It involved the Muslim communities and other black ethnic minority and other faiths suffering from inequality and abuse.  I helped with workshops with children in making banners with inspiring messages and quotes on peace and love. It was nice seeing the look on the mothers’ and children’s faces after observing the finished results.

In 2016 for the festival I painted the famous wall found in the middle of the park by reproducing the pictures of the main organisers in recognition for all their hard work in putting the festival together.  This was well appreciated and members of the public used the wall as a souvenir background for their personal photo shots.

For 2 years running, I participated in the festival by doing Henna, Glitter tattoos.  This is a self-taught art and went down well with children especially and was well appreciated and preferred by people in comparison to others offering the same service.

At my little brother’s school I participated in one of their Summer Fetes and did some henna/glitter tattoos again. So many children queued up and could not cope with demand.

I ended up walking like an old woman the day after, but it was worth seeing the big smiles on the children’s faces and I raised quite a lot of money on that day.

I’m a self-taught artist. I am still learning some new skills every now and then to improve on my art but I’m getting there!

My art style is quite realistic. I try to use bright, bold colours to compliment the person or the cartoon character.

For example, if I am painting something that is based on a cartoon character, I would usually paint the colour of the background a colour that is opposite to make it vibrant and striking.

The paint I use is Acrylic paint. I apply it quite confidently and thickly.

However, if I am painting something based on nature for e.g. Landscape or animals I would want a smoother, water-washed effect. To get that I would add a lot of water to the Acrylic paint so that it still has a hint of that rich colour in the pastel-coloured hue.

When I think it is necessary I like to use some holographic gems, gold flakes, glitters or anything sparkly to express admiration to the painting.

I try to make my work as unique as possible to attract people’s attention.

The two artists that were equivalent to my style of art or helped me to explore more into different Medias were Crisco Art and Agnes Cecile.

I fell in love with the colours they used and the way they had used it. All their paintings have a passionate and deep-seated meaning behind them to make the spectators minds wonder…